Faber Editions

Faber announces an exciting new publishing list, Faber Editions, which is dedicated to radical literary voices from across the world.

Curated from Faber’s 90-year archive and beyond, titles will be published quarterly. With bold covers inspired by Faber’s iconic design heritage, paperback will feature a new foreword by a contemporary champion.

The list includes:

  • Rachel Ingalls’s Mrs Caliban (1982) — An ‘amphibious cult classic’ about a housewife’s passionate affair with a frogman is introduced by Irenosen Okojie, with fans including Patricia Lockwood, Marlon James and Sarah Hall.
  • Wilson Harris’s Palace of the Peacock (1960) — Chronicling a riverboat crew’s epic voyage into the rainforest, this landmark novel is celebrated as ‘genius’ by Jamaica Kincaid in her new introduction.
  • Kay Dick's They (1977) — A queer dystopian masterpiece introduced by Carmen Maria Machado.
"For almost a century Faber has prided itself on writers who “make it new” – but it feels crucial, and incredibly exciting, to always be diversifying what that means. With the Faber Editions list, we wanted to create a thrilling, inclusive space to celebrate radical literary voices from history which speak not only to our present, but our future. Published with frontlist energy, these outstanding novels embody that spirit, and we can’t wait for new generations of readers to experience their magic." — Ella Griffiths, Editor
"Our mandate for Faber Editions was to create a bold and diverse series style that matched the subversiveness and eclecticism of the list. In a nod to our heritage, the Editions branding is a reimagined version of the original Faber Paper Covered Editions strip created by Berthold Wolpe in the 1950s. This striking branding alongside a limited colour palette and focus on arresting typography creates a platform that will allow a varied array of designers and artists to contribute to future Editions, while ensuring the list coheres visually with a collective voice." — Pete Adlington, Designer

Mrs Caliban by Rachel Ingalls

Dorothy is a grieving housewife in the Californian suburbs; her husband is unfaithful, but they are too unhappy to get a divorce. One day, she is doing chores when she hears strange voices on the radio announcing that a green-skinned sea monster has escaped from the Institute for Oceanographic Research - but little does she expect him to arrive in her kitchen. Muscular, vegetarian, sexually magnetic, Larry the frogman is a revelation - and their passionate affair takes them on a journey beyond their wildest dreams...

Palace Of The Peacock by Wilson Harris

A crew of men are embarking on a voyage up a turbulent river through the rainforests of Guyana. Their domineering leader, Donne, is the spirit of a conquistador, obsessed with hunting for a mysterious woman and exploiting indigenous people as plantation labour. But their expedition is plagued by tragedies, haunted by drowned ghosts: spectres of the crew themselves, inhabiting a blurred shadowland between life and death. As their journey into the interior - their own hearts of darkness - deepens, it assumes a spiritual dimension, guiding them towards a new destination: the Palace of the Peacock..

They by Kay Dick

Set amid the rolling hills and the sandy shingle beaches of coastal Sussex, this disquieting novel depicts an England in which bland conformity is the terrifying order of the day. Violent gangs roam the country destroying art and culture and brutalising those who resist the purge. As the menacing "They" creep ever closer, a loosely connected band of dissidents attempt to evade the chilling mobs, but it's only a matter of time until their luck runs out.