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A Small Circus

by Hans Fallada

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It is summer, 1929, and in a small German town a storm is brewing.

The shabby reporter Tredup leads a precarious existence working for the Pomeranian Chronicle--until he takes some photographs that offer the chance to make a fortune. In Krüger's bar, the farmers are plotting their revenge on greedy officials. A mysterious travelling salesman from Berlin, Henning, is stirring up trouble--but no one knows why. Meanwhile the Nazis grow stronger and the Communists fight them in the streets. And at the centre of it all, the Mayor, 'Fatty' Gareis, seeks the easy life even as events spiral beyond his control.

As tensions erupt between workers and bosses, town and country, Left and Right, alliances are broken, bribes are taken and plots are hatched, until the tension spills over into violence.

Paperback: 608 Pages
Product Dimensions: 132 x 199 mm
ISBN: 9780141196565

Published by Penguin Books