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11 X 9

by Martin Villanueva and Joshua Ip

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Eleven writers from the Philippines and nine from Singapore were connected via Google Docs and a pining for “the composition of alternatives, other realms and planes, a space upon which another kind of lived experience could be had.” Seven pairs and two threesomes wrote back and forth toward what could be called “cross-cultural literature ​if not ​a mess.​” The result: this volume. An encounter with annotated small talk, versified duets, digitally mediated dances, riffs against blackouts, and cryptic/triptych meditations --- this was/is an ​experiment​. What was ​experienced ​and what was ​meant​? The book is the form readers may now complete.

Paperback: 98 Pages
Product Dimensions: 125 x 210 mm
ISBN: 9789811430008

Published by Math Paper Press