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One To Nine

by Andrew Hodges

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With searching questions such as these, Andrew Hodges takes apart the numbers 1 to 9 and gathers up the pieces. Inspired by millenia of human attempts to figure things out, he takes a witty, hands-on approach to such various topics as musical harmony, the chemistry of sunflowers and the logic of the game Paper, Scissors, Rock.

With simple elegance, Hodges unveils a universal language which has its roots in antiquity and yet enables us to connect with the far reaches of the universe. Whether it's explaining how subatomic particles behave or challenging you to the ultimate sudoku puzzle, this is a book which succeeds in making the unfathomable enticing.

Paperback: 352 Pages
Product Dimensions: 129 x 198 mm
ISBN: 9781906021269

Published by Short Books