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Jude the Obscure

by Thomas Hardy

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A great novel exists on many levels, and Jude the Obscure is no exception. It is at once a bitter attack on Victorian morality, institutionalized religion, and social and economic injustices, as well as a penetrating study of the subtle and intricate relationship between man and woman. Thomas Hardy is no systemic philosopher. In fact, his philosophical lubrications — inspired by his reading in Greek tragedy and Darwin's Origin of Species — impede the flow of his charged novel. Hardy is at his best when he permits his intuitions full sway — intuitions that find their pragmatic confirmation in the work of Sigmund Freud. For though Hardy is an inexorable realist, he is no mere chronicler of outward event. His ferreting out of the conscious drives in human behavior, his use of myth, symbol and irony in fleshing out his narrative — all combine to make him blood brother to the more significant novelists of our day.

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