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A Confederacy Of Dunces

by John Kennedy Toole

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Winner of the 1981 Pulitzer Prize for Fiction

A monument to sloth, rant and contempt, a behemoth of fat, flatulence and furious suspicion of anything modern - this is Ignatius J. Reilly of New Orleans, noble crusader against a world of dunces. The ordinary folk of New Orleans seem to think he is unhinged. Ignatius ignores them, heaving his vast bulk through the city's fleshpots in a noble crusade against vice, modernity and ignorance. But his momma has a nasty surprise in store for him: Ignatius must get a job. Undaunted, he uses his new-found employment to further his mission - and now he has a pirate costume and a hot-dog cart to do it with...

Hardback: 352 Pages
Product Dimensions: 138 x 204 mm
ISBN: 9780241284667

Published by Penguin Books