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A General History Of Chinese In Singapore

by Kwa Chong Guan and Kua Bak Lim

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General History of the Chinese in Singapore documents over 700 years of Chinese history in Singapore, from Chinese presence in the region through the millennium-old Hokkien trading world to the waves of mass migration that came after the establishment of a British settlement, and through to the development and birth of the nation. Across 38 chapters and parts, readers are taken through the complex historical mosaic of Overseas Chinese social, economic and political activity in Singapore and the region, such as the development of maritime junk trade, plantation industries, and coolie labour, the role of different bangs, clan associations and secret societies as well as Chinese leaders, the diverging political allegiances including Sun Yat-sen's revolutionary activities and the National Salvation Movement leading up to the Second World War, the transplanting of traditional Chinese religions, the changing identity of the Overseas Chinese, and the developments in language and education policies, publishing, arts, and more.

With "Pride in our Past, Legacy for our Future" as its key objective, this volume aims to preserve the Singapore Chinese story, history and heritage for future generations, as well as keep our cultures and traditions alive. A comprehensive guide for Singaporeans, new immigrants and foreigners, this publication is supported by the National Heritage Board's Heritage Project Grant.

Paperback: 800 Pages
Product Dimensions: 190 x 260 mm
ISBN: 9789813278325

Published by World Scientific