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A Replacement For Religion

by The School of Life

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Many of us find ourselves in the odd situation of not believing in religion - but nevertheless being interested in it, moved by it and sympathetic to some of its aims. We may enjoy religious art and architecture, music and community, and even some of the rituals - while being unable to believe in angels, divine commandments or stories about the afterlife.

This book is about those feelings and what we might do about them. The School of Life is a secular organisation fascinated by the gaps left in modern society by the gradual disappearance of religion. We're interested in how hard it is to find a sense of community, how rituals are dying out and how much we sometimes crave the solemn quiet you find in religious buildings.

This book lays out how we might absorb the best lessons of religion, update them for our times and incorporate them into our daily lives and societies - without taking on the supernatural or doctrinaire elements. This book tries to rescue some of what remains wise and useful from all that no longer seems (to many of us) to be quite true.

Hardback: 240 Pages
Product Dimensions: 111 x 181 mm
ISBN: 9781912891030

Published by The School of Life