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Ace Agent Spycat And The Flying Sidekick

by Darren Lim

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Illustrated by Lai Hui Li

Follow the FELINE agents as they jet off to Boracay to stop the villainous penguin king Blackwing from destroying the island.

Ace Agent Spycat, a new action-packed adventure series, recounts the crime-fighting escapades of Spycat, a Singaporean agent extraordinaire, with the First Enforcement League for Inter-National Emergencies, better known as FELINE. Spycat is sent all over the world, on missions of utmost importance, to solve crimes committed by international villains.

In the first book of this series, FELINE ace agent Spycat is introduced to his new partner, Rockcat. Their mission: to investigate how and why the penguin king Blackwing has turned the tropical island of Boracay into his own private frozen paradise. The agents must stop Blackwing from destroying the island. The mission promises to be a difficult one, especially as both agents have to first learn to work together. Funny and adventurous, Ace Agent Spycat will keep young readers wanting more.

Paperback: 232 Pages
Product Dimensions: 140 x 215 mm
ISBN: 9789814901062

Published by Epigram Books