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After Democracy

by Zizi Papacharissi

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What do ordinary citizens really want from their governments?

Democracy has long been considered an ideal state of governance. What if it's not? Perhaps it is not the end goal but, rather, a transition stage to something better. Drawing on original interviews conducted with citizens of more than thirty countries, Zizi Papacharissi explores what democracy is, what it means to be a citizen, and what can be done to enhance governance.

As she probes the ways governments can better serve their citizens and evolve in positive ways, Papacharissi gives a voice to everyday people, whose ideas and experiences of capitalism, media, and education can help shape future governing practices. This book expands on the well-known difficulties of realizing the intimacy of democracy in a global world-the "democratic paradox"-and presents a concrete vision of how communications technologies can be harnessed to implement representative equality, information equality, and civic literacy.

Hardback: 176 Pages
Product Dimensions: 140 x 215 mm
ISBN: 9780300245967

Published by Yale University Press