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by Lauren Beukes

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Three years after a virus wiped out 99% of the men on earth, a mother and son are on the run.

All Cole has left in the world is her boy, Miles. With men now a prized commodity, keeping him safe means breaking hastily written new rules - and leaving her own sister for dead.

All Miles has left in the world is his mother. But is one person enough to save him from the many who would kill to get their hands on a living boy?

Together, Cole and Miles embark on a journey across a changed, hostile country, towards a freedom they may never reach. And when Cole's sister tracks them down, they'll need to decide who to trust - and what loyalty really means in this unimaginable new world...

Paperback: 464 Pages
Product Dimensions: 153 x 234 mm
ISBN: 9780718182816

Published by Michael Joseph