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All Of Us

by Yvan Pommaux

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This book is about our history. Not the history of kings, queens, chiefs, emirs, great moguls, emperors, tsars, presidents, or dictators, but our own: the history of the men, women, and children who peopled the earth. It is a long story that began more than one hundred and fifty thousand years ago and continues today. Despite dark times, wars, and conflicts, we invented, worked, created extraordinary things, and transformed the world. Although we were often led to turn against one another, we also created strong bonds between ourselves. And we had fun too, dancing and singing and making music! Let's take a look at how our history unfolded on our earth, from the beginning to the present, without giving more weight to one country than another. What will we see?

Hardback: 88 Pages
Product Dimensions: 298 x 298 mm
ISBN: 9781681373218

Published by New York Review of Books