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Asian Larder

by Sylvia Tan

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Singapore's foremost food journalist, Sylvia Tan, with several cookbooks to her name, opens up her larder to readers and de-mystifies common and not-so-common ingredients found in a typical Asian kitchen. She describes some 130 Asian food products - from herbs and spices to bottled, preserved and dried ingredients. Aside from traditional standbys such as soya and oyster sauces, newer pastes such as laksa, mee siam and green curry are also included.

The book also features over 120 recipes, along with tips on new ways of using them in your cooking.

Asian Larder is an indispensable guide-cum-cookbook for Asian cooks as well as those aspiring to cook that perfect Asian dish.

Paperback: 225 pages
Product Dimensions: 149 x 241 mm
ISBN: 9789814342216

Published by Straits Times Press