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Autobiography Of Horse

by Jenifer Sang Eun Park

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I became obsessed. I swallowed myself whole and turned into a knot. I couldn’t undo myself, so I crawled inside a horse. Inside the horse I hardened, and then broke. The horse collected the pieces and glued me back together. I unraveled the horse and stitched it back together. The horse trampled me and I burned through its hooves.

Autobiography of Horse documents Jenifer Sang Eun Park’s obsessive and parasitic relationship with the horse. At one point a muse, the horse is transformed into a vessel used to travel the volatile hollows of memory, selfhood, depression, and loss. To make this journey, the horse mutates from an image into a companion, a projection, and a reflection that, as Wallace Stevens wrote in The Noble Rider and the Sound of Words, injects imagination with “the strength of reality.”

Presented in lyrical prose, diagrams, photos, and conceptual excerpts from imagined texts, Autobiography of Horse pieces together a true story spurred by a tormented, pathological, and, ultimately, redemptive imagination.

Paperback: 94 Pages
Product Dimensions: 140 x 216 mm
ISBN: 9780982814246

Published by Gaudy Boy