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by Lee Chor Lin

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Among Indonesia’s splendid textile crafts, no other traditional handmade textile is more renowned than batik made by using a "wax-resist" method whereby wax is applied to the cloth to resist the dye. Batik: Creating an Identity examines the role of batik in the social and cultural context of not only modern Indonesia, but also Singapore and Malaysia. 

With over 210 illustrations and area and country maps, this book is an important reference in regards to the relationship between Javanese batik traditions and those of Indonesia’s neighbouring countries of Malaysia and Singapore. Batik: Creating an Identity solidifies the high stature of the batik arts, serves as an inspiration for batik makers to establish their own unique style and is an important addition to the body of knowledge about these beautiful handmade works of art on cloth.

Paperback: 144 Pages 
Product Dimensions: 270 x 270 mm
ISBN: 9789814155915

Published by Editions Didier Millet