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by Inch Chua

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Bum·fuz·zle [buhm-fuhz-uhl]
A vagrant lover is loyal to heartsick.
Lost in the puzzle between the flustered heart and the confused head.
Forever responsible for the love i've tamed,
one can only attempt to cut the chord, burn the rope & bury the crater deep.

1 Gaudi
2 The Chefalo Knot
3 Quit You
4 Dear Paramour
5 Artful Dodger
6 Lyre Lyre Hearts on Fyre
7 Bumfuzzle
8 Inchision
9 Old Nine
10 Glow

released August 27, 2013 

Music & lyrics written by Inch Chua.
With the exception of Bumfuzzle (Go Up In Smoke) & Lyre Lyre Hearts On Fyre.

Published by Inch Chua