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by Joel Tan

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Five people, staff and customers, are stuck in one of an infinite number of hip Singapore cafés while, outside, an unexplained horror wrecks the world. Over five short acts, a madness sets in. The cafe and all reality are eaten away by a nightmare of banality and tedium, leaving only a well of deep ennui, paralysing apathy, and horrifying cruelty familiar to anyone living in the city-state.

“Over the course of an hour and forty-five minutes, I was gripping the edge of my seat, watching the actions five characters holed up in a hipster café while the world outside them goes to hell.” 
— The Online Citizen 

“You wouldn't think it from the humdrum title, but Joel Tan's Café is possibly the creepiest, canniest, most cunning play of the year…. Slowly and subtly, the scares creep in. The terror builds up. When the finale arrives, it is unexpected, implosive and profound.” 
— The Business Times

Paperback: 212 Pages
Product Dimensions: 110 x 180 mm
ISBN: 9789811498015

Published by Math Paper Press