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Ceriph #5

by Ceriph

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Ceriph is an independently run, quarterly book publication in Singapore. We seek to share Singaporean creative work in the form of prose, poetry, social commentaries, photography, and visual art. We wish to record and share these without inhibition, to celebrate these everyday musings.

The beginnings of this project are humble: whilst examining the local arts scene, we found many outlets for artistic expressions. However, most of these outlets concentrate on art or exclusively on one medium of expression over the other. Publications for local writing are even harder to come by, and cater mainly to professional and full time writers. Since then, it has been our dream to provide that space: a space that is neither too formal nor flippant, that combines word and form.

Consequently, we exist to provide an informal space for experimental or up-and-coming writers and artists to express themselves—here we present to you interesting works outside of awards and accolades that are created by ordinary observers with a pen and a voice.

Every name has a back-story, and this is ours: Ceriphs are semi structural details on the ends of alphabetical fonts that make up letters and symbols. Likewise, we hope to be the book covers and endings of these Singaporean creative pieces, to provide structural support—but at the end of the day, we hope that they speak for themselves, for you, and to you.

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