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Chop-Chop The Trishaw

by Ng Swee San

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Illustrated by Han Qingping

Chop-chop the Trishaw wants to go zoom like a sports car. Surrounded by his much faster petrol-fuelled friends, he feels like he’s being left behind and is in a hurry to catch up to his more modern counterparts. With a newly installed engine, he leaves his automobile buddies in the dust. But Chop-chop really isn’t really built for speed, and that leads to unexpected consequences. Chop-chop the Trishaw is the second book in the Really Wheelie Buddies series that introduces the little ones to Singaporean phrases through commonly seen vehicles on our roads.

Board Book: 28 Pages
Product Dimensions: 125 x 155 mm
ISBN: 9789814845342

Published by Epigram Books