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Collected Poems

by Kingsley Amis

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Kingsley Amis's poetry tackles all the grimly humorous subjects he tackled in his novels--lust, lost love, booze, money and the lack of it, old age, death--and does so with immense formal poise. A master of both traditional and unconventional meters with a perfect ear for parody, Amis wrote satires, epigrams, and rueful and scornful songs that are remarkable not only for their virtuosity and humor but for their scabrous realism. It all adds up to a small, entirely individual, and memorably bracing body of work. As Amis writes: "Beauty, they tell me, is a dangerous thing, / Whose touch will burn, but I'm asbestos, see?"

Paperback: 168 Pages
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ISBN: 9781590178669

Published by New York Review of Books