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Colors In Nature

by Jana Sedláčková and Štěpánka Sekaninová

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Illustrated by Magdalena Konečná

Magnificent, hand-painted illustrations by a rising star of Czech watercolor illustration-perfect for beginning painters!

Nature is teeming with incredible colors. But have you ever wondered how the colors green, yellow, pink or blue might taste or smell? What could they sound like? Or what would they feel like if you touched them? Nature's colors are so wonderful and diverse they inspired people to use the names of plants, animals, and minerals when labelling all the nuances. Join us on a journey to discover the twelve most well-known colors and their shades. You will learn that the colors and elements you find in nature are often closely connected. Will you be able to find all the links in each chapter? And if you are an aspiring artist, take our course at the end of the book and you'll be able to paint as exquisitely as nature itself does!

Hardback: 32 Pages
Product Dimensions: 238 x 279 mm
ISBN: 9788000059334

Published by Albatros Media