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Divorce Islamic Style

by Amara Lakhous

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Secret identities, criminal conspiracies, and forbidden love converge in this "whimsical and at times heartbreaking look" at the Muslim communities of Rome (The New York Times). The Italian secret service believes that a group of Muslim immigrants is planning a terrorist attack. Christian Mazzari, a young Sicilian translator who speaks perfect Arabic, goes undercover in Rome's Egyptian neighborhood, Viale Marconi, to infiltrate the group. Posing as a recently arrived Tunisian in search of a job and a place to sleep, Christian soon meets Sofia, a young Egyptian immigrant whose arranged marriage is anything but fulfilling. While Christian attempts in vain to uncover terrorist activity, Sofia is on another kind of secret mission--in defiance of a husband who forbids her to work.

In alternating voices, Algerian-born Italian author Amara Lakhous examines the commonplaces and stereotypes of life in modern, multicultural Italy. Divorce Islamic Style mixes the rational and the absurd as it depicts the conflicts and contradictions of today's globalized world.

Paperback: 192 Pages
Product Dimensions: 135 x 210 mm
ISBN: 9781609450663

Published by Europa Editions