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Don't Be Cross, Goldilocks!

by Sue Nicholson

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Illustrated by Laura Brenlla

Once upon a time, there was a misty blue mountain. Below the misty blue mountain was a wild, dark forest and by the wild, dark forest was a village.The village had a stream and a duck pond and an old red apple tree and it was home to Goldilocks and her fairytale friends.

The Fairytale Friends series brings fairytales into the modern day and features scenarios young children can relate to and learn from. Each story in this new picture book series focuses on a different fairytale character, a different strength or core virtue and a challenge to overcome, often with the help of their friends. Readers will enjoy spotting characters from other books and recognizing key elements of the original fairytale while enjoying the new twist. Notes and questions at the back of the book will summarize what the character has learnt and prompt further discussion while activities will provide more fairytale fun.

Paperback: 24 Pages
Product Dimensions: 230 x 253 mm
ISBN: 9780711244757

Published by Frances Lincoln Children's Books