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Don't Worry

by Shunmyo Masuno

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Translated by Allison Markin Powell

Discover why 90% of your worries won't come true in this highly practical, internationally bestselling guide by the renowned Zen Buddhist author of The Art of Simple Living.

Think of a time when you were worried about something, but then you suddenly realized how insignificant it was. Isn't it amazing how much lighter you felt? The key is to focus only on the here and now. By doing so, you free yourself from unnecessary anxiety, and your mind will be at peace. In Don't Worry, you will learn to:

  • Lesson #1: stop comparing yourself to others - 90% of your obsessions will disappear
  • Lesson #4: remove unnecessary things from your life and make your life absolutely simple
  • Lesson #10: stop seeking, stop rushing, stop obsessing
  • Lesson #11: interpret things positively - you are the one to decide whether you are happy or not
  • Lesson #14: stop taking in too much information
  • Lesson #19: take a break from competition - it's the Zen way of avoiding anxiety
  • Lesson #24: act instead of worrying - things will definitely work out better

By following this book's 48 simple lessons - and taking to heart the nearly 30 zengo, or Zen sayings, quoted throughout - you'll enjoy a calmer, more relaxed, more positive version of yourself.

Hardback: 224 Pages
Product Dimensions: 131 x 185 mm
ISBN: 9780143136705

Published by Penguin Books