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Economic Successes In South Asia

by Shahrukh Rafi Khan

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This book analyses economic successes in South Asia and the reasons why they emerge by offering an in-depth analysis of a few case studies against the backdrop of overall policy context and economic performance of these countries.

Offering a brief comparative review of South Asia in a global context, the book shows that the region remains an economically and socially lagging region. The author argues that within South Asia, most countries demonstrate examples of economic or social success. This book explores such successes that provide lessons for other South Asian countries and beyond. Case studies include the textile industry and microcredit in Bangladesh, information technology in India, forestry management in Nepal, surgical and sports goods in Pakistan, and human development in Sri Lanka. At the macro level, the book discusses India's catch-up growth first given the country's global importance and because of the prominence of the debate on its catch-up growth to development economics.

A novel addition to the literature with its focus on successful initiatives with broad policy implications, this book will be of interest to researchers in the field of development economics, development studies and South Asian Studies, in particular South Asian policy.

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