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Egg Drop Dead

by Vivien Chien

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When Donna Feng enlists Lana Lee and the rest of Ho-Lee Noodle House to cater a dinner party at her home for some of her family and prestigious friends, Lana is happy to accept. The summer months can be slow at Asia Village, so this will bring a much-needed boost to the budget.

The dinner party goes off without a hitch - though there is a strange moment when Donna explodes at her live-in nanny. The next day the nanny is found dead, and Donna Feng - along with some of her guests - is suspected of foul play. Before the police arrived, however, Donna found a piece of evidence at the crime scene that causes her to believe the nanny's murder was a message for her: a mysterious thumb-drive shaped like a terracotta soldier. Donna entrusts the evidence to Lana, along with the secrets it contains. Once again, it's up to Lana to catch a killer.

Then, a fire at the Feng residence puts Donna and her family in the hospital, and tensions rise for the amateur sleuth and her best friend, Megan Riley. Lana and Megan ping pong back and forth between the guests at the party, a potential hit man, or the possibility that Donna Feng has truly lost her mind.

Paperback: 320 Pages
Product Dimensions: 105 x 175 mm
ISBN: 9781250228321

Published by St. Martin's Press