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by Gerry Alanguilan

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Chickens have inexplicably gained sapience and the United Nations officially recognises the species Gallus Gallus as newest members of the human race. This is the world that Jake Gallo knows, but he still has a chip on his shoulder towards mankind—he chides an employer for her biased hiring practices, scoffs at a woman who sits on him on the bus and criticises his sister when he learns she’s engaged to a man. When he gets a call early one morning, Jake rushes to the bedside of his ailing father, Elmer. Upon his death, Jake’s mother passes him Elmer’s diary, which documented his first moments of consciousness. By discovering the trauma and triumphs of his parents during the tumultuous transition period, Jake finds closure with this father and also makes peace with his own identity.

Paperback: 144 Pages
Product Dimensions: 170 x 255 mm
ISBN: 9789814845731

Published by Epigram Books