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by Barbara Penner, Adrian Forty, Olivia Horsfall Turner and Miranda Critchley

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Blending architecture, design, and technology, a visual tour through futures past via the objects we have replaced, left behind, and forgotten.

So-called extinct objects are those that were imagined but were never in use, or that existed but are now unused — superseded, unfashionable, or simply forgotten. Extinct gathers together an exceptional range of artists, curators, architects, critics, and academics, including Hal Foster, Barry Bergdoll, Deyan Sudjic, Tacita Dean, Emily Orr, Richard Wentworth, and many more. In eighty-five essays, contributors nominate "extinct" objects and address them in a series of short, vivid, sometimes personal accounts, speaking not only of obsolete technologies, but of other ways of thinking, making, and interacting with the world. Extinct is filled with curious, half-remembered objects, each one evoking a future that never came to pass. It is also a visual treat, full of interest and delight.

Hardback: 400 Pages
Product Dimensions: 171 x 222 mm
ISBN: 9781789144529

Published by Reaktion Books