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Fear Of Black Consciousness

by Lewis R. Gordon

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Lewis Gordon, one of the leading scholars of Black Existentialism, has spent decades putting philosophical thought at the heart of activism for racial justice around the world. In this boldly original book, he delves into history, art, politics and popular culture to show how the process of racialization - and its absence - affects not only how individuals and society perceive black people but also how black people perceive themselves.

Fear of Black Consciousness traces the ways in which the lived experience of black people has been rendered invisible in the Western world and the breadth of rich cultural expression that encapsulates the truth nonetheless - from ancient African languages to films such as Get Out and Black Panther. Gordon offers a stunning philosophical and social critique while highlighting the fundamental role of Black people as agents of history and of the social change required to build a humane world of dignity, freedom and respect.

Hardback: 288 Pages
Product Dimensions: 162 x 240 mm
ISBN: 9780241374139

Published by Allen Lane