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by Dora Malech

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In Flourish, multiple meanings catch light--as the leaves of growing things might, or the facets of cut gemstones, or a signal mirror flashing in distress. These poems explore themes of thriving, growth, innovation, and survival, while immersing the reader in the pleasures of language itself--the "flourish" of linguistic gesture, play, form, turn, and adornment.

Here, the lens zooms in and out to micro and macro levels, asking us to see the familiar with new eyes. The collection engages with the materials of the worlds we inhabit--natural worlds and those of our own making--and a full spectrum of poetry's own materials, building worlds of words and illuminating the shadowed terrain of our interior landscapes as well.

Paperback: 96 Pages
Product Dimensions: 144 x 213 mm
ISBN: 9780887486555

Published by Carnegie Mellon University Press