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Four-Legged Therapy

by Dept. Store for the Mind

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Four- Legged Therapy is a delightfully illustrated collection of ten stories that recognise the therapeutic value of having animals in our lives. A charming exploration of how pets can support our minds and bodies in everyday life. From grumpy cats, fat dogs and muddy ducks to goats in a classroom and rescue-hens in a care home, this book recognises animals as the unsung heroes that save lives and make life worth living.

Animals offer companionship, love and fun. They teach us the gift of kindness and acceptance. They can connect us to the world, slow down time and sharpen our senses in a kind of informal meditation. They can be good listeners, offering reassurance and devotion that steadies our self-esteem. They ask us for routine and consistency, to show a kind of resilience that is good for us.

Hardback: 160 Pages
Product Dimensions: 158 x 218 mm
ISBN: 9781912023660

Published by Aster