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Garden Poems

by John Hollander

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The splendid poems in this collection both represent and glorify the cultivating instinct, and each of them "succeeds in annihilating all that's made," as Andrew Marvell puts it in one of the most famous of all English poems, "to a green thought in a green shade." Contents include poems on Paradises, Gardens of Love, Gardens in the Mind, Gardens and Seasons, Flowers, Gardeners, The Work of the Garden, Gardens of the Wild, City Gardens, Public Gardens, Ruined Gardens, and A Garden of Gardens. Contributors include John Milton, Ovid, E.E. Cummings, Thom Gunn, John Donne, James Merrill, Wallace Stevens, Robert Browning, Shakespeare, and many others.

Hardback: 256 Pages
Product Dimensions: 114 x 165 mm
ISBN: 9780679447269

Published by Everyman's Library