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by John Wray

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In California her name was Aden Grace Sawyer. In Pakistan she must choose a different name--Suleyman--and take on a new identity as a young man. She has travelled a long way to begin her new life, and she'll travel further to protect her secret.

But once she is on the ground, Aden finds herself in more danger than she could have dreamed. Faced with violence and loss, she must make intense and unimaginable choices that will test not only her faith, but her understanding of who she is.

Compelling, unnerving and timely, Godsend is a subtle masterpiece of empathy: a study of what it means for a person to give themselves to their faith, and how far they will go from home to find a place to belong.

Hardback: 240 Pages
Product Dimensions: 144 x 220 mm
ISBN: 9781782119623

Published by Canongate