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Greek Terracottas

by James Laver

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This is the first book in English for the last fifty years to deal with Greek Terracottas. Professor Webster, Professor of Greek at University College, London, is uniquely suited to write on these small genre figures, as he combines a great reputation for work in Greek archaeology and art with a close interest in everyday life amongst the Greeks. More than fifty illustrations range from the seventh to the first century B.C.

Introduced during the outbreak of Second World War and written by noted authorities of the day, the King Penguins were elegantly designed and produced miniature hardbacks on subjects ranging from the historical icons of British culture, the fine and decorative arts, natural history to book arts and design. Based on the Insel-Bucherie series first published in Leipzig in 1912, these collectible King Penguin books are regarded as fine achievements of twentieth century book design and colour printing.

Hardback: 90 Pages
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