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Hanging Devils

by He Jiahong

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Early 1990s China: Newly returned from the US, lawyer Hong Jun has just set up practice in a fledgling legal system when his first case walks through the door. 10 years ago a local beauty was killed on a state-owned farm in China's frozen northeast, and the police rushed to pin the crime on a likely culprit. Was the right man put away for the crime? In his struggle to uncover the truth, Hong Jun ruffles more than a few feathers. As many race to cash in on China's glittering future, he is forced to challenge those who put personal ambition above the rule of law--and those who will do anything to hide the sins of the past. In the finest tradition of international crime fiction, Hanging Devils is a gripping novel inspired by real events.

Paperback: 320 Pages
Product Dimensions: 131 x 198 mm
ISBN: 9780734399571

Published by Penguin Books