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Hello! Have You Eaten?

by Amanda Choy

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"This journey of mine welcomes you to slow down and stop for a moment to digest the purpose of food and eating.

To me, food is a catalyst for human connection. Memories of my late grandpa buying delectable food for my mother to her observations of my late grandma cooking in the kitchen are memories that are forever etched in my heart. These stories are connected to me and will be passed on as legacies in their own right. 

This journey is less about the food per se but rather the togetherness, bonding and love that follows after. What's the joy of the sumptuous feast in front of my eyes when I've no one to share it with? Eating in Asia means long round-table conversations, endless laughter and casual debates on best food joints. These never cease. 

For one starts chatting from brunch to afternoon tea and before you'd know it, it's dessert after a hearty dinner. Live to eat, we say?"

Hardback: 64 Pages
Product Dimensions: 165 x 230 mm
ISBN: 9789811157523

Published by Math Paper Press