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How To Live With Yourself

by Ang Shuang

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I don’t know how to hold
my own hand               without strangling it

These poems want to know how you live with yourself. How do you share a body with a shadow? When an empty house sings to you, do you hum along? Are you more weapon or wound?

In this debut collection, Ang Shuang holds a scalpel to her memories, dissecting and resecting them. Doors are opened into therapists’ offices, backseat break-ups, sleeper trains. Emotions are skinned, peeled, and pressed between pages. How To Live With Yourself will not give you answers. But it will wait with you until they arrive.

“Poems wielding blades, prying open bodies, addressing themselves as poems, anticipating and rewriting loss; these breathless poems draw from myth, undress themselves without flinching and bend over backwards to forgive the past, before arching forward to enter that horizon of unspeakable joy.”

– Cyril Wong, author of Tilting Our Plates To Catch The Light

Hardback: 156 Pages
Product Dimensions: 140 x 205 mm
Signed Edition with Dust Jacket is limited to 30 copies

Published by Math Paper Press