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In Red Weather

by Dan Cameron

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In Red Weather tells the story of Dan Cameron, an ex-CIA agent and one of the last living insiders who witnessed the events that culminated in the alleged communist coup in Indonesia in 1965. The coup was the pecursor to the brutal transition that ended the advance of communisim in Southeast Asia and allowed the establishment of Suharto's New Order Government. Cameron landed as an idealistic but naive young spy in Surabaya in 1960. His greatest success was Operation Habrink in which, through hard work, persistence and sheer good luck, he was able to secure the top-secret opearting manuals for the Soviet Union's most advanced weaponry. These included the new deadly surface-to-air missiles that shot down Gary Powers and were decimating the B-52 flying fortresses during their first bombing raids in Vietnam. The story is full of original anecdotes, intrigue and, finally, betrayal. Written as a soulful and sensitive memoir, the book also reflects on the successes and errors of this crirical period in history.

Hardback: 188 Pages
Product Dimensions: 150 x 215 mm
ISBN: 9789814610544

Published by Editions Didier Millet