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In The Land Of The Pagodas

by Alfred Raquez

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China, 1898: a time of war, intrigue and growing foreign power. Onto the scene comes a Parisian fugitive with a gifted pen and a journalist's eye. Alfred Raquez drifts from Indochina to Hong Kong, Macao and Canton before falling in with a group of shady entrepreneurs in Shanghai with interests far up the Yuan River. In short order, Raquez sets off on a rollicking voyage into the heart of the lawless Miao-country, pen and camera in hand. The result is a richly recorded adventure told from the perspective of a wandering French boulevardier. In the Land of Pagodas takes readers on a picaresque journey that is as much "Moulin Rouge" as it is "Heart of Darkness", and in its narration reveals much about the derring-do and startling hypocrisy of the colonial enterprise.

Paperback: 500 Pages
Product Dimensions: 152 x 229 mm
ISBN: 9788776942021

Published by NIAS Press