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Iron Gustav

by Hans Fallada

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A powerful story of the shattering effects of the First World War on both a family and a country--from the author of bestselling Alone in Berlin.

Intransigent, deeply conservative coachman Gustav Hackendahl rules his family with an iron rod, but in so doing loses his grip on the children he loves. Meanwhile, the First World War is destroying his career, his country and his pride in the German people.

As Germany and the Hackendahl family unravel, Gustav has to learn to compromise if he is to hold onto anything he holds dear.

Iron Gustav is both a moving, realist account of the aftermath of the First World War, and a deeply involving story of a family in crisis. Yet running through the unflinching truth, immediacy and emotional power of Fallada's prose is the charming, almost folkloric whimsicality that makes him such a master story-teller.

Paperback: 608 Pages
Product Dimensions: 129 x 198 mm
ISBN: 9780141196534

Published by Penguin Books