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Just Another Day In Paradise

by Felix Yeo

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The photographs in this book were taken by my late brother, Felix, between 2013 and early 2017.

Felix was very passionate in photographing Singaporeans going about their daily lives. Despite his exhausting 12-hour shift at the data centre, he would capture these scenes on his way home from work or on his off-days. Rarely was he seen without his camera when he left home.

Within a fraction of a second, Felix’s style of capturing Singaporeans was consistently candid. He never interacted with the subjects, never had to make them pose for the camera, and they were usually unaware he had recorded that fleeting moment of their lives. His patient style of gradually blending into the crowd enabled him to highlight their emotions of joy, stress, relief, boredom, sadness, tiredness and of being absorbed in thought.

While Felix took each shot individually, the pictures can be enjoyed on its own as a single strong image or even collectively as if going through your own daily routine of working, exercising, shopping, commuting or resting.

My brother and I often joked when we wanted to know how our day had gone: “Just another day in paradise,” was our common reply. So I hope you enjoy the following photographs depicting ordinary Singaporeans doing ordinary things living just another day in paradise.

— Gabriel Yeo, April 2019

Paperback: 104 Pages
Product Dimensions: 165 x 210 mm
ISBN: 9789811427763

Published by Math Paper Press