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Karin Markers

by Karin

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Brushmarkers Pro contain 2.4 ml of paint each. They are produced with Karin's Liquid Ink technology and maintain their colour intensity up to the last drop. In addition, each marker is equipped with a Japanese super durable and flexible nylon tip. Brushmarkers Pro contain intense non-toxic colour paints which are dye based or pigment based (neon colours).

The DecoBrush Pigment markers feature a brush-like nib that requires zero pumping for paint flow. Just shake and paint! The DecoBrush Pigment markers contain 2.4ml of non-toxic organic pigment-based paint. All Karin markers are created using “liquid ink” technology, ensuring ink consumption of 100%. Pigment markers are available in 84 colors and work on a variety of substrates such as glass, paper and card stock, some plastics, wood, stone, canvas, and more.

DecoBrush Metallic markers are a great solution for creating decorations and calligraphy. They contain a non-toxic metallic pigment that write perfectly on white and black surfaces. The markers are produced with Karin's Liquid Ink technology and maintain their colour intensity up to the last drop. The pigment forms a uniform metallic layer that remains resistant to light and water after drying. These markers work great on surfaces such as paper, wood, ceramics, glass, metal and plastic.