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Kyoto Cafe

by Pok Yue Weng

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The second city in the highly successful cafe series by Five Finger Mountain belongs to Kyoto. A city grounded in its rich history and tradition. The cafes themselves look to the past while breaking new ground. The coffees pay tribute to the time and tested Kyoto taste but at the same time offer new exciting variables.

Have a coffee picnic by the river, enjoy a brooding cup of coffee in Gion while the festivities rage outside on the Kyoto streets, these are one-of-a-kind coffee experiences unique to Kyoto. So pack your bags, work up a coffee appetite and go forth. Kyoto awaits!

The book is small and handy — just like a novella —and should fit in any travellers’ bag. Maps are included as well as a grid section for the traveller to pen in some notes or scribbles.

Paperback: 155 Pages
Product Dimensions: 185 x 120 mm
ISBN: 9789811144295

Published by fivefingermountain