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by 赵慕媛

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translated by Leong Weng Kam

本书是梁家子女对父母孝思的深切缅怀,也是马来亚上世 纪辉煌矿业史当中,霹雳怡保著名矿家梁典不为人知的许 多精彩故事。其中包括矿区动荡与帮派械斗,梁典在二战 时期扛起艰险的霹雳矿务公会会长职务,在外敌威吓下坚 持不向华社筹款缴集“奉纳金”,以及头家梁在时代洪流 中的进退得失、奋斗精神与家国情怀。

This is not just another biography. It is a record of the Leong family siblings’ fond memories of their late parents. It is also a brief history of sorts of Malaya’s tin mining industry from the last century. It contains many interesting and untold stories of Leong Tian, a well-known tin mine worker-turned-owner from Ipoh, Perak.

Paperback: 350 pages
Product Dimensions: 175 x 210 mm
ISBN: 9789811459160

Published by Focus Publishing