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Let's Be Weird Together

by Brooke Barker and Boaz Frankel

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Celebrating the uniqueness that makes each person, and each relationship, special, Let's Be Weird Together includes a humorous timeline of how a loved one's oddball habits go from annoying to swoon-worthy over time. Illustrations celebrate the Tiny Acts of Heroism you do for your #1 person - like saying you're full when there's only one bite of cake left, so they can enjoy it. Plus, fun facts on the habits of lovesick animals (they're just like us!): Bowerbirds collect blue items to impress mates. Perfect for Valentine's and anniversary gifts, it's a hip, not-at-all saccharine way to say, 'I-love-you-slash-I-love-being-weird-with-you!'

Hardback: 112 Pages
Product Dimensions: 150 x 178 mm
ISBN: 9781523507733

Published by Workman Publishing