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Marvellous Mammals

by Debby Ng and Darel Seow

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We know that dogs bark, cats meow, and cows moo. But do you know dholes whistle “whee-whee”, wild boars grunt “grrt grrt”, and siamangs call out “ooh-wow-wow”?

The Southeast Asian forests are full of incredible wildlife waiting to be discovered. In the humid nature reserves of Singapore city, high up the mountain trees of New Guinea, and in the tropical rivers of Irrawaddy, a multitude of mammals live their unseen lives. They await a bold explorer to learn their secrets. Could that explorer be you?

In this beautifully illustrated alphabet book, wildlife ecologist Debby Ng and illustrator Darel Seow part the leaves to showcase lesser-known animals of Southeast Asia! Readers will learn about these unique mammals’ habitat, behaviour, food choices, and their relationship with humans.

Hardback: 64 Pages
Product Dimensions: 175 x 250 mm
ISBN: 9789811815652

Published by Difference Engine