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Mob Psycho 100 #1

by ONE

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Written by the author of the iconic ‘One Punch Man’, Mob Psycho 100 is chock-full of witty comedy and mindblowing action… with a plot that’s thicker than it seems!

Shigeo Kageyama, a.k.a. ‘Mob’, is a simple and plain second-year middle school student… and he also happens to be a psychic with incredible powers! With these powers, he takes out evil spirits… but even powers can’t get him what he really wants – the girl he likes. In this volume, Mob squares off against a spirit that’s haunting a woman’s dreams, a shady religious cult and the spirits of a former biker gang!

Paperback: 200 Pages
Product Dimensions: 127 x 190 mm
ISBN: 9789811486289

Published by Shogakukan Asia