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Monogatari Season 1 Box Set


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From the popular Monogatari series comes the Season 1 Box Set, which includes the first seven novels from renowned author NISIOISIN. Reprinted due to popular demand and back for a limited time!

VOFAN the cover illustrator for the series created an exclusive art piece of the Monogatari heroines just for this Season 1 Box Set. This image was arranged by VOFAN himself to beautifully wrap around the whole box. Plus as a bonus, included is an art card that features this exclusive art piece.

This is a perfect addition for any Monogatari Series fan and collector!

Books included in the Season 1 Box Set are:
1. Kizumonogatari
2. Bakemonogatari 1
3. Bakemonogatari 2
4. Bakemonogatari 3
5. Nisemonogatari 1
6. Nisemonogatari 2
7. Nekomonogatari Black

Paperback: 7 Books
Product Dimensions: 145 x 155 mm
ISBN: 9781947194397

Published by Vertical