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'Others' Is Not A Race

by Melissa De Silva

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Copies of this book have pages that are slightly yellowed

What is a Eurasian? Are Eurasians Singaporean? What does it mean to be a Eurasian living in Singapore?

While having existed in Singapore as long as any other community, Eurasians, who comprise less than one percent of the population, still remain a fairly obscure group to many Singaporeans.

'OTHERS' IS NOT A RACE is a tapestry that weaves together the multiple genres of narrative fiction, creative nonfiction, literary food writing and family memoir, to offer insight into the micro-minority Eurasian community through the intensely personal lens of the writer's own experience living and growing up as a Eurasian in Singapore. Throughout are interwoven the themes of memory, loss, language, identity and cultural reclamation.

Similarly, it is a reflective and provocative journey of self-discovery; a journey the reader may also take to explore what it means to exist at the confluence of being Singaporean and being Eurasian, and to interrogate the liminal space between two cultures, Asian and European, occupied by this community.

Paperback: 118 Pages
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ISBN: 9789811147111

Published by Math Paper Press