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Passages From Arabia Deserta

by Charles M. Doughty

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C.M. Doughty spent twenty months, from November 1876, in Northern Arabia wandering adventurously and making his penetrating observations on the life, character and people of that land. But though his book gives a wonderfully detailed and human account of the country, the style of his writing was perhaps even more important to Doughty than its subject matter. The English language was his constant study, and he attempted to rescue it from the decadence into which he considered had fallen, and return to the tradition of Chaucer and Spenser. Consequently the creative and stimulating style of Arabia Deserta was a novelty when it was written, and Edward Garnett selected these passages for Jonathan Cape from Doughty's lengthy work to give the character and style of the original, which had a considerable influence on the work of T.E. Lawrence.

Paperback: 312 Pages
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Published by Penguin Books (1956)